Welcome to the Ponyhof Meyers Park!

The important things first:

 At our ponyfarm ALL children are very welcome!


Small children                                                                                             Large children

                                                                 Big children

                                                                                Skinny children

                      White children

                                                                                                                Black children

                 Children, who are able to walk

                                               Children in a wheelchair

                                                                                                  Children, who are able to hear

                                                                                              Deaf children

               Children located nearby   

                                                  Children from everywhere


                                          and ALL CHILDREN BETWIXT AND BETWEEN !

Whether you are healthy or have a disablement, mentally or physically, whether you may come from the local area or from a distance. You are very welcome!


It is not important, if you are rich or poor or if you are afraid of horses or animals – we have the staff to teach you, how to work with an animal, that is often stronger than you are :-)!


We will teach you to ride our ponys or horses. The correct animal will be chosen for you, so that you learn to communicate with the animal. The ponys don't judge us, they take us as we are, they are sensitive and know our needs.


All that is needed from you is a little cooperation, optimism, love and care for the animals, who will return this to you one way or another.


The ponys don't care, if you speak English, German oder any world language, or which colour you have. The pony will realise and feel, when you trust him. And that trust will be returned to you!

Dear parents,


if you believe, that this is the correct place for your child, healthy or disabled, then please call us. We are looking forward to your call.

# +49 40 38681877


If you are deaf, please send us a video or a What's app/SMS.

# +49 172 3085316


We are really looking forward to you and hope to see you soon!



Ponyhof Meyers Park

Kinder- und Jugendreitverein

Ponyhof Meyers Park e.V.
Stader Straße 203 b
21075 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 38681877









DE16 2019 0003 0032 2197 17

Hamburger Volksbank




Öffnungszeiten Ponyrunden:


Dienstag, Mittwoch und Freitag

15.00 Uhr bis max. 17.00 Uhr


Sa.: 13.00 bis max. 17.00 Uhr


Mo., Do. und So. finden keine

Ponyrunden statt.


(Wir behalten uns vor, bereits vor 17.00 Uhr zu schließen, wenn die Laufzeiten unserer Ponys erreicht sind o.ä.)








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